Tax4u Sp. z o.o. Tax4u Sp. z o.o.

Born date: 10/2016

Address: Warszawa

Members of Board: Ewa Supeł, Piotr Bolińśki


Company information

Accounting services Warsaw

Tax4U Sp. With o.o. Offers comprehensive accounting services. For any business, regardless of the type of business or size. He deals with all the accounting issues in the company: keeping books of business, books of income and expenses, lump-sum records.

He works with all companies, handling all forms of tax settlements. It deals with:

Deciding and posting documents
Keeping business books, books of income and expenses, and lump sums
Making reports, documents, reports
Preparation of various reports for the Board and external institutions
Calculating ZUS contributions
Drawing up reports, monthly and annual declarations (VAT, PIT, CIT)
Representing the Client before the Revenue Office
GUS, PFRON reports
Develop document flow in the company and help in management
New Connect and GPW support