Mennica Skarbowa S.A. Mennica Skarbowa S.A.

Fields of activity: Gold and precious metals trading

Born date: 07/2011

Address: Warszawa

Members of Board: Jarosław Tomasz Żołędowski, Daria Buryś, Agnieszka Marta Libner


Company information

Business Model

Mennica Skarbowa S.A. is one of the major vendors of investment gold and other precious metals on the Polish market. The company offers bars of gold and other precious metals as well as bullion coins from reputable mints across the world. Products from those mints are well-known and esteemed worldwide. Their high profile can guarantee cashing any purchases easily in the future. Those products can be easily sold at good prices not only in Poland but anywhere across the world.
Mennica Skarbowa S.A. is listed on the New Connect trading floor of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Market Position

Mennica Skarbowa S.A. maintains business relationships with more than 2,000 advisors Poland-wide who offer products available from Mennica Skarbowa. Business partners of Mennica Skarbowa S.A. include such companies as: Gold Finance, Personal Finance, AWD Finanse, Money Expert, Doradcy24 or Noble Finance Service. It received the 2013 Business Shark award from “Miesięcznik Kapitałowy” magazine for leader-like domination on the market.

Development Prospects

The Management Board of Mennica Skarbowa S.A. began, with assistance from Spartan Capital S.A., efforts to boost sales, i.a., through new distribution channels and new product launches that will translate into growth of net profit and increased share price of the company to ensure attractive rate of return on investment.

Purpose of Involvement

The Management Board of Spartan Capital S.A. believes that the current valuation of the company on the NewConnect market does not reflect the potential of Mennica Skarbowa and as a result has taken up a significant shareholding.