Kantorino Sp. z o.o. Kantorino Sp. z o.o.

Fields of activity: Technological / Software company ( e-commerce )

Born date: 11/2011

Address: Warszawa

Members of Board: Marcin Mazur

Website kantoris.pl

Company information

Business Model
Kantorino Sp. z o.o. owns the Kantoris.pl brand, an online exchange service. Kantoris.pl is an internet platform for fast and inexpensive currency exchange as well as a system for real-time presentation of exchange rates, and rates monitoring system.

Development Prospects
We can see potential for value growth through dynamic growth in sales. In 2013, the company’s revenue exceeded PLN 1 billion.

Market Position
The company intends to capture a significant position in this highly competitive market (cinkciarz.pl, internetowykantor.pl, pomaranczarnia.pl, kantoronline.pl).

Purpose of Involvement
Development support, value growth, sale of shares to strategic investor.