Excelead S.A. Excelead S.A.

Fields of activity: Technological / Software company

Born date: 02/2012

Address: Warszawa

Members of Board: członek RN oddelegowany do pełnienia funkcji prezesa zarządu Piotr Boliński

Website excelead.pl

Company information

Business Model

Excelead S.A. develops “call to action” software solutions and telecommunication products. Its first product is called Clientel. Clientel strengthens sales opportunities by providing a client with the ability to call seller fast and free of charge, through customisation of products and services directly from its website, banner ad or online announcement. Thanks to Clientel, it is possible to talk with potential clients when their interest in a product or service peaks. Another product is Calltrack – a tool for tracking success of advertising campaigns.

Development Prospects

Technological sales solutions enable increasing sales, at the same time reducing operating expenses.

Market Position

We perceive the potential for possible growth in value.

Purpose of Involvement

Assisting in development and earning high rate of return on investment by means of selling shares to a strategic investor.