City Inspire S.A. City Inspire S.A.

Fields of activity: Technological / Software company

Born date: 06/2011

Address: Warszawa

Members of Board: Łukasz Sobański


Company information

Business Model

City Inspire S.A. – the company pursues two innovative projects in the area of electronic media: global tourist social media service and also the related is an international social media platform that, among others, enables the posting of photos, establishing contacts and obtaining information about all locations across the world. In addition, the company produces as a guide to tourist attractions and events in a given hotel’s vicinity.

Market Position

In 2012, the portal was ranked second in the international contest StartupOpen. The portal is now integrated with TourWrist, FlipKey ( and

Development Prospects is a new IT social tool attracting users who travel or want to show their area and current events; it is also a place where local companies and government agencies can invite others to visit their town. has a chance to become a commonly known global portal and become adequately valued.

Purpose of Involvement

Assisting in development and earning high rate of return on investment. The company is to be floated on the NewConnect market in 2015. In the future, we cannot rule out sale of our shareholding to a global Internet-software company or to interested funds.