Setanta S.A.

Progressively built group of companies focused on three areas: real estate, venture capital (dynamic small and medium firms) and the renewable energy market.

Services offered

Real Estate

  • mediation in property sales and purchase transactions
  • mediation in lease agreements
  • property management (portfolios of investment properties)
  • interior design, renovations and fitting out
  • trading in investment properties

Venture Capital (dynamic small and medium firms)

  • purchasing/selling shares of companies
  • joint ventures with investors
  • securing financing
  • assistance in restructuring

Renewable Energy Market (REM)

  • purchasing/selling projects in the renewable energy sector (wind farms and fotovoltaic farms)
  • mediation in the purchase/sale process of wind farm and fotovoltaic farm projects
  • securing financing
  • development of wind farm and fotovoltaic farm projects


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